Bedroom Design Trends for 2018

Your bedroom should be the most comfortable room in your home – the coziest place and the one that calls to you after a long day. Nothing beats coming home to luxurious comfy space. Here is a look at a number of design trends in 2018 for the bedroom. Erin Davis, in a recent issue of RISMedia’s Housecall, offers an abundance of great ideas and style tips for you to begin creating the space you will love to come home to (2018 Home Decor Trends: 6 Interior Design Ideas for Your Bedroom).

Whether you intend to do it yourself or work with a designer, there are a few things to consider before undertaking a redesign or remodel.

How many changes do you wish to make? –  Are you planning a total redo, or do you wish to just change the color of the walls or linens? Are you considering a larger walk-in closet or new windows? Prioritize these items in order of importance.

How much space do you have?  – Compare your new plans with the size of your bedroom. Will your plans work within the structure of your space?

What is your budget? – Although you may not know the exact cost of your redesign without getting an initial estimate, it is important to know how much you will be comfortable spending.

2018 Bedroom Design Trends You Will Love.

  1. Moodier Palettes – Pantone recently released its 2018 “Color of the Year,” and the winner is “Ultra Violet”. This bold shade is “invigorating yet cozy” and is sure to set the tone for all color choices this year, especially the bedroom. Expect to find moodier, jewel-toned colors, especially tone-on-tone palettes. An example would be where similar colors will be found on wall as well as trim. If you’re not brave enough for this all-on color combo, try mixing it in with a more subtle shade, such as lavender.
  2. Brass Accent Pieces – Pairing brass pieces with jewel tones is a recent trend. As many people are moving away from brushed silver, one can see the appearance of the warmth of brass. Brass seems to evoke a warmer feeling when combined with deep, jewel-toned colors. Some lovely ways of incorporating brass in the bedroom include light fixtures and dresser knobs.
  3. Wabi-Sabi – Huh? Actually, this a real thing. It’s the Japanese art of finding beauty in imperfection! This actually means using more handmade materials in your space. Some ways of using it in your bedroom might include the use of linen (with its natural imperfections). Also the use of bamboo, leather and wood, which show their age. You may wish to display handmade items, such as pottery or a clay pot made by a young relative. Consider the use of soft, filtered light, such as gauzy widow treatments.
  4. Mid-century Everything – This continues to be the go-to style for many homeowners. Consider using this in some form, such as night tables on brass legs, dark hardwood flooring, maybe a fireplace.
  5. Bold Florals – While always popular, this year there is a tendency to veer away from the feminine to the funky through contrasting colors and a more “bohemian” vibe.
  6. Bring Your Vision to Life – Finally, remember your bedroom should reflect your personality and the way you envision spending your time in the space that makes you feel most comfortable in your own home.
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