Decorating for Condo Renters

These days, many people (particularly millennials) eschew homeownership, choosing instead to rent houses, apartments, and condos. In fact, renters are a large, growing demographic within the real estate market.

As the renting population grows, more and more people are faced with one dreaded question: How do I decorate this place? You want your condo to reflect your unique style and taste… but you also want to get your security deposit back when you go! Well, believe it or not, there are many low-risk decorating options you can use to dress up your rental without causing any permanent changes.

Upgrade Your Hardware

Your kitchen is one of the most-used places in your home. Unfortunately, it’s also the place that tends to look the most dated. Upgrading a kitchen can be a big, expensive task… or you can simply add new hardware and call it a day!

New handles on drawers and cabinet doors is an easy way to make your kitchen look like new. With just a few minutes of work, you can have a unique kitchen that reflects your personal style.

Hardware upgrades are simple, cheap, and fun. So, why stop at the kitchen? Breathe new life into bathroom fixtures or bedroom furniture, too!

Try Avant Garde Wall Art

For most renters, decorating the walls of your home feels like a complete no-no. Paint isn’t always allowed, hanging art could damage the drywall, the list goes on and on. But if you use a little ingenuity, you can turn your condo into your own art gallery (and really, isn’t that what we all want?).

If you don’t want to leave a mark on your walls, invest in some Command Strips. These stick to the wall and will hold your picture frames, mirrors, tapestries, and more until it’s time to take them down.

But what if you’re craving an accent wall? Paint might be out of the question, but removable wallpaper (yes, it does exist) or stick-on vinyl tiles can give you that splash of color you’re looking for. However, make sure you practice removing the paper or tile on a small section of the wall!

Texturize, Texturize, Texturize

Color and texture are the two best ways to make your condo feel like home. Typically, that would mean painting in warm, inviting colors and having a few cozy throws on the couch, but what do you do if painting’s out of the question? Simple – combined color and texture with totally original accent pieces.

Head to your local home goods store and seek out fuzzy rugs, sequined throw pillows, geometric table lamps, and other unique accents. These will help your space look a little homier (particularly if you hold out for the pieces that really speak to you). Adding texture to your décor also adds drama and dimension to your condo.

Invest in Pieces You’ll Love for Life

Here’s the reality of renting: eventually, for one reason or another, you’ll have to move out. And when that time comes, all the decorating you’ve done to the walls – the removeable wallpaper, the picture frames – will have to come down and come with you. So, make sure to decorate with design elements you love!

When you’re out shopping for rugs, table lamps, or accent chairs, make sure to only buy pieces you could see yourself living in for the long-term. This will help you create a design style that’s uniquely you. And once you have that, literally any rental in the world will feel like home.

So, now that you have a few ideas, get out there and decorate that condo!

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About Author: Chantel Donnan