Interior Design Trends for 2018

A recent article in the Wall Street Journal focused on the top interior design trends for 2018 (Top 5 Interior Design Trends for 2018). After polling over 100 designers, here is the consensus of what will be in and what will be out.

OUT – Lab-like Kitchens- Many designers agreed that kitchens resembling “forensic labs” – those with lots of stainless steel appliances and heavy on the grays and whites will be passé. People are “just tired of seeing them” said designer, Jean Liu. However, MA Allen, from North Carolina conceded that despite white kitchens being a classic, “I think people will want a more unique look of their own.”

IN – Pigmented Pantries – Increased color in the kitchen is expected for 2018 – everything from cabinets to the kitchen sink. Viking is offering stoves in apple red, cobalt blue and Bordeaux. Another manufacturer, Bluestar, offers 750 colors for its appliances. NY designer Vanessa Deleon believes “Kitchens are being treated more like living rooms.”

OUT –  Literal Nature – “Florals have run their course,” claims lighting designer Asher Dunn. While prints were popular last year, they are now becoming less in favor. Many designers have fond memories of chintz in their grandparents’ homes, it is believed to be on its way out.

IN – Distilled Flora and Fauna – It appears that abstractions of nature are on the rise. It is a way of bringing the outdoors inside, according to Mr. Dunn. “An overall organic approach to pattern….feels more honest than you can see stop and start,” maintains Rebecca Atwood, a wallpaper designer.

OUT – Moody Gray Hues – “It’s like ‘Fifty Shades of Gray’ in a lot of Pinterest images,” says Erin Gates referring to smoky-colored paints that once seemed the hip thing. Contrast was missing, gray was feeling rather tired. However, off-white with hints of gray may still remain. Many people love the warmth they feel.

IN – Earthy Pastels – More pastels and gentler colors that appear in nature are anticipated along with wood-hued finishes. However, pastels will be “muddied with earthier tones” as in Benjamin Moore’s new Silver Marlin and Farrow and Cinder Rose and Cooking Apple Green from Ball. (Where do they get these lovely names?)

OUT – Perfect Posturing – Good-bye straight lines. People will be opting away from the pure linear and hard lines, such as the once popular Parsons table and the boxy “Midcentury Modern credenzas. Also out are sofas with rigid cushions and straight unyielding arms.

IN – Not Broken, Just Bent – Curvy shapes with soft, rounded lines will be in for 2018. Designers, such as Nina Magon, are suggesting U-shaped chairs that hug you and create a more inviting space. Expect to see “luscious spaces and sensuous shapes”, according to Anna Brockway, co-founder of Chairish.

OUT – High-polish Hardware – Shiny drawer pulls, faucets and sinks “seem as though they belong in a diner with bad vinyl furniture,” claims Nashville designer, Jonathan Savage. Rose-gold and shiny copper are also “cheap and trendy.”

IN – Tarnish Appreciation – Mr. Savage is leaning toward “living metals that show someone actually live in the home”. Designers, for the most part, are using warmer composites, such as white bronze, that develop character over time. While that may be the trend for 2018, most people will not be giving up their stainless steel appliances any time soon.

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