Make the Most of Your Floorspace

So, you’ve finally bought your first condo. You’ve signed the paperwork, packed your belongings, and headed to the new place… only to find that it’s not as roomy as you remembered. It’s a situation many buyers find themselves in, so what do you do when your floorspace simply doesn’t have room for all your things? With a little creativity and strategic home decorating, even the most modest living spaces can be open, inviting, and beautiful. Here are a few tips and tricks that will help you make the most of your floorspace:

Find Creative Storage Solutions

If you’re moving from a house into a condo, you may find yourself with more stuff than you have space for. But don’t start selling things on Craigslist yet; with a little ingenuity, you can find a way to store all your belongings. Look for storage solutions that won’t clutter up your floorspace. Install shelves along your walls. Use furniture that doubles as storage, like coffee tables with plenty of drawer space. Invest in multi-use hangers that create ample space in your closets. If your home looks neat and organized, with everything in its proper place, that stuff you brought with you won’t seem like too much after all.

Use EVERY Nook and Cranny

We’ve talked about adding shelving to walls and maximizing closet space. Let’s say you’ve done all that, and things still feel cramped. Now is the time to get creative and use every square inch of your condo. These solutions will vary from simple DIYs to major construction projects, but all will help you achieve a little more living space. Use risers to create more storage space in your bedroom. Give false drawers new life with a few hinges and a plastic storage tray. If you’re feeling bold (and have the space), build a closet into that space under the stairs. Not only will these fixes make your home seem more organized and open, some of them could raise your property value.

Eliminate Unnecessary Spaces

Most of us have spaces that can be repurposed. Take time to evaluate every closet, cupboard, and corner until you’ve found spaces that could be used more efficiently. This way, you’ll make the most of your condo without major changes. Consider a child’s bedroom: while it may have ample closet space, it’s probably unused. Remove the doors and push the dresser into that space. You’ve gifted your child with more room to play! Give your home a once over and you’re sure to find spaces you can transform.

Invest in Hidden Furniture

Of course, there are some situations in which all the organizing and repurposing can’t make your condo feel roomier. If your new home is simply too small for your old furniture, it might be time to invest in something a little more efficient. Thankfully, the furniture industry is filled with modern, economical, space-saving furniture, designed to help people living in small homes spread out and get some elbow room.Think about the spaces you don’t use throughout the day: your bed, your desk, your dining room table. Once you’ve got a list, start looking for furniture options that can be tucked away easily. A murphy bed or a pull-out couch can make your bedroom much more spacious. Try a desk that folds up into the wall, or a dining room set that stacks away neatly after every meal!

Design with Guests in Mind

There are many ways to create an illusion of spaciousness with your furniture: pull couches and sofas away from the walls, move the furniture away from the walkways, even coordinate your furniture and your paint colors! However, if you want your room to be bigger (and not just look it), it’s important that you have a clean, open layout. Set up your furniture so that you and your guests can easily move from one room to another. Visitors will be able to spread out throughout the condo while talking to one another, and this openness will create the illusion of a larger room (rather than a series of small rooms).

Whether this condo is your very first home or just the latest one, make sure that the house works for you. And if your place seems too small, don’t be afraid to change things up. Rearrange the furniture, DIY new storage space, maybe build a new closet or two! If you try out these tips in your condo, you just might be surprised at how much larger it can be.

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About Author: Chantel Donnan