Smart Home Tech Straight From CES 2018

This year’s Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas was certainly an eye-opening event. This annual exhibit is one of the largest tech shows in the world, and this year saw an abundance of smart home products sure to make everyone’s life easier and more fun.

Jameson Doris, writing for RISMedia’s Housecall, offers a list of smart home trends sure to be popular based on products exhibited at this year’s CES (CES 2018: Smart Home Trends to Look for This Year).

  1. Voice Assistants – While some of the most popular voice assistants this past year were the Amazon Dot and Alexa, expect voice functionality to be incorporated into any number of products. From speakers to dishwashers and refrigerators, many smart home products will be adding Alexa, Homekit and Google Assistance voice functionality.
  2. Smart Mirrors –  Last year Kerastase introduced Hair Coach while Amazon’s Echo Look also entered the market. At the 2018 CES, among the new technologies that have been presented are smart mirrors. One of the most interesting is the HiMirror Mini, which analyzes one’s face and gives a score based on how many wrinkles and blemishes you have. Other products came from Simplehuman and MAC, which has begun installing mirrors in their stores so people can “try on make-up without actually trying on make-up”. Obviously, 2018 will be a fun year for beauty smart technology.
  3. Exercise Equipment – Peloton has been leading the smart home exercise equipment category lately. However, more competition has entered the market. For example, Flexispot offers its exercise desk bike, which this year won the CES Innovation Award for 2018. Peloton came right back with its Peloton Tread ($3,995). This smart treadmill is similar to its bikes in that it includes an HD touchscreen enabling one to watch exercise classes taught live by instructors in New York. In addition, the 32-inch treadmill screen is more than twice the size of the bike’s screen. This year expect additional smart exercise equipment along with eye-popping prices!
  4. Smart Appliances – Lots of news from a variety of manufacturers who have focused on home connectivity.

Samsung – New heat pump models feature the first ventless dryer; uses a compressor instead of heating elements so that the air is recycled; also introduced the stick vacuum cleaner which is comparable to Dyson as well as Robotic vacuums, the fastest growing segment in this appliance

Whirlpool – First of its kind 10” tall over-the-range microwave; in addition they are offering a food recycler/garbage disposal which will convert food scraps into fertilizer.

LG – At $7,000-$8,000 it will, among many other smart things, preheat your oven when you select a recipe and preset your dishwasher depending on what you have cooked.

GE – With a screen over the oven hood you can record what your are cooking and have fun making your own chef videos.

With so much new in smart technology, a major concern is security. More technology presents more chances for hacking. Many companies are now featuring “Ring” security, which features a “ring” around your home with video cameras recording anyone who approaches your property. Much of this may be controlled from your phone and/or your refrigerator.

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