This Year’s Trending Home Decorating Ideas

It may be time to look around your home and decide if a few decorating ideas might make your environment better reflect your personality. Most agree that that decorating with the latest trends will create a modern setting to reflect your personal taste. A recent article from Housecall at (Trendy Home Decorations to Consider This Year) offers several design ideas for your consideration.

Marble – Marble is a luxury material that looks spectacular when used in different areas, especially in the kitchen and bathrooms. Countertops lend a regal air and will definitely increase your home’s value. Marble may also be used as flooring in a foyer. Marble wallpaper or fabric may be a more affordable choice yet will still make a statement in your home.

Jewel Tones – Shades such as emerald green and violet will add a pop of color to an otherwise drab or monotone space. These colors will reflect the outdoors yet continue to allow you to maintain a neutral ambience.

Nailhead Details – These have returned from past years and offer a unique look for your furniture. Although frequently used on upholstered leather chairs, try adding them to a headboard or sofa for a more luxurious look.

Subway Tiles – May be used to create interesting patterns on a variety of kitchens and/or bathrooms. They are versatile, sleek, and create an airy setting when used in a variety of ways, such as farmhouse or even bohemian styles. It is best to use a dark grout between the tiles so that any dirt will not be visible. The wide choices available make them affordable for almost any budget.

Metallic Details – These details, such as brass hardware on kitchen or bathroom cabinets, adds an extra shimmer to neutral spaces. Adding a silver or gold leaf chandelier in the middle of a room can set the tone while adding a touch of glamour to the space. Copper rain gutters might also add some dazzle to the outdoor areas.

Modern Holiday Decorations – When the holidays come, modern decorations could be used to create a sophisticated setting in an otherwise traditional space. A white Christmas tree with metallic ornaments on the branches will stand out. Actual garlands draped on the fireplace mantle or along the stair railings will add a touch of the outdoors in addition to the wonderful “piney” smell.

Wallpaper – When it comes to the walls, more people are choosing wallpaper over paint to add additional details to neutral or monochromatic color schemes. Unlike the block prints or “flocking” seen in the past, there are innumerable choices of colors, textures and designs that can set the tone for a more contemporary look. For larger spaces, you might wish to consider just one wall to paper as an accent which will not overpower the setting. Remember, the wallpaper must work within the color palette of the area.

When considering the transformation of your home environment, these decorating tips will serve as a guide to help you create a more contemporary setting that will look stylish and chic for many years.

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