It’s much more than cowboys, barbecue, and business in this iconic city known as Big D

Welcome to Dallas, TX

It’s the fourth-largest metropolitan area in all the United States; one of the most characteristic and romantic cities in all of Texas, and its largest urban hub. It’s the economic heart and soul of the Lone Star State, home to the Super-Bowl-winning Cowboys and one of America’s most iconic and charismatic world cities … it is Dallas, Texas.

About Dallas

Occupied for thousands of years—first by natives, then the Spanish, then the Texans we know and love today—Dallas started as a simple settlement on the banks of the Trinity River, and has since evolved into a fast-growing metropolis where citizens can be proud of the city they’ve built together.

It’s sort of the ultimate American city, too. A place where people work hard and play hard … where a high-tech local economy, a rich tapestry of historic sites & bold new attractions, and an ever-evolving local culture filled with fun and excitement all exist and thrive together in tandem.

And from the lush greenery of the Dallas Arboretum to the calm suburban dream homes of North Dallas to the hip Old East and North Cliff neighborhoods—the “Big D” has a little bit of something for everyone …


A City’s History of Opportunity

Dallas is a city characterized by how well it’s responded and adapted to the constant changes endured throughout its long history …

Once home to a long line of Native American groups—including the Caddo people—the city fell under European control when it was annexed as part of the Viceroyalty of New Spain back in the 18th Century. Back then, there wasn’t really a city known as “Dallas,” so much as a smooth spot of riverbank. It wasn’t until John Neely Bryan arrived and transformed that riverbank into a small settlement that the city gained the name we know today.

From there, Dallas became part of the Mexican state, later to join the Republic of Texas and eventually the United States. That’s one wild ride through history. But through it all, the people of Dallas didn’t lose an ounce of courage or perseverance—pushing ever forward into the unknown frontier and enjoying every minute of it.

As the railroads crept into the edges of town, Dallas suddenly transformed into a business-oriented city; one where young professionals from all over the state could come to hone their trade and brighten their future prospects. In 1909, the Praetorian was erected in downtown Dallas; a 14-story building that was the first skyscraper west of the Mississippi and the tallest building in the state of Texas for years to come.

Even into the 21st Century—as technology and lightspeed finance became major factors in the growing US economy—Dallas is still leading the way with innovative local programs, awesome attractions and a truly captivating local culture that embodies the very best of the frontier spirit.


A Glowing Passion for Life

Like the beautiful Palm Trees and Texas Flowers that blossom all over the Dallas area, the city’s local culture is a joyous celebration of life and love … of fun and adventure and everything in between …

And of course—a celebration of incredible food and drink.

Dallas is probably the barbecue Capital of Texas—putting the state high in the running for barbecue Capital worldwide. Masters of slow-cooking and tangy barbecue sauce, Dallas chefs can also manage a mean Tex-mex dish and some of the most authentic Mexican food you’ll ever eat without a passport. The city can even lay claim to inventing the Frozen Margarita.

When you’re ready to start walking off all that barbecue, you’ve got plenty of world-class options to choose from; including the Dallas Zoo, the Dallas Museum of Art and more. Plus, if you’ve timed your barbecue binge just right, you’ll be in town for the Texas State Fair—a massive, $350 Million annual celebration of all things Texan.

In the Arts District, a thriving scene of studio artists, painters and musicians all clamor for their next big shot at fame, while Dirk Nowitzki and the Dallas Mavericks dunk on NBA greats downtown at the American Airlines Center.

So it doesn’t matter whether you’re into fine art or a football junkie, there’s obviously no shortage of awesome things to do in Texas’ biggest urban center …


The Beating Heart of the Lone Star Economy

Located as it is in the Northern stretch of the massive Lone Star State, Dallas’ residents were quick to realize the city’s potential as an industrial/transportation hub, and the city’s played that role ever since. It has continued to thrive even as Native American trade routes evolved into cross-country rails and then a sophisticated combined infrastructure of airports, rail, roads and more.

These days, the city has evolved and diversified its economy extensively. Sometimes referred to as “Silicon Prairie,” Dallas has done a great deal to attract local tech companies and service providers into the city—and they’ve done so with great success.

AT&T, Southwest, Texas Instruments—each one of these well-known companies is headquartered in Dallas, and each one has helped contribute to the “Texas Miracle” that’s been driving the state’s economy skyward in the wake of the 2008/9 crash.


A Perfect “Ground-Floor” Condo Market

It might seem surprising with such an industrial and urban kind of city, but Dallas’ local condo market is neither well-developed nor too crowded/competitive.

It’s on the upswing; to be sure. That means you’ll still encounter some kind of competition, even in a market like Dallas’, and it may take a degree of patience to find exactly what you want—but it’s definitely still possible. Recent news articles point to spacious loft condos that can be purchased for under $225,000—a number that would be pure fantasy in many of the country’s crowded condo markets.

In the end, Dallas offers an engrossing one-of-a-kind urban experience that more and more people want to live (especially as the city’s economy steadily continues to grow). Finding the right condo now could put you in at the ground floor before prices begin to soar as they have in so many other major cities …

Top Condo Buildings in Dallas

1. The House
view directions
2. The Mansion Residences
3. Bleu Ciel
4. Azure
5. One Arts Plaza
6. W Residences Dallas - North Tower
7. Renaissance on Turtle Creek
8. LaTour Residences
9. Museum Tower
10. Metropolitan

Dallas Key Points of Interest

1. Dallas Arboretum & Botanical Garden
2. Sixth Floor Museum at Dealey Plaza
3. Reunion Tower
4. Dallas Museum of Art
5. AT&T Stadium
6. Perot Museum of Nature and Science
7. Dallas World Aquarium
8. Nasher Sculpture Center
9. Dallas Zoo
10. George W. Bush Presidential Center

Dallas Schools

The best of the Public & Private Schools in Dallas

Offering K-5th grade students a program focused on foundational learning, character development, and problem solving.

Innovative STEM-certified curriculum of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics with an environmental focus.

Public high school providing comprehensive academics, athletics, and arts programs to a diverse population.

Private university with notable programs in Business, Economics, and Law, and home to the George W. Bush Presidential Center.

Restaurants & Dining

Enjoy fine dining or regional favorites!

Renowned French-American fine dining in an elegantly romantic setting.

Industrial chic décor showcasing regional farm-to-table New American cuisine.

Premier destination for highest quality steaks, wine pairings, and exceptional service.

Innovative contemporary Japanese cuisine and Zen-inspired ambiance in the Arts District.

Sophisticated New American menu with a California twist and hand-crafted cocktails.

Shopping in Dallas

Dallas is a great place to shop upscale malls and chic boutiques

Popular mall featuring over 235 upscale retailers, dining, entertainment, and art displays.

Outdoor urban shopping district with upscale retailers, eclectic boutiques, and restaurants.

America’s first shopping center, now a destination for luxury retailers, restaurants, and entertainment.

Top retailers, gifts, dining, and ice skating rink under an elegant four story vaulted glass ceiling.

Parks & Recreation

Take a stroll through beautiful local parks or go for a ride on the trails.

701 Angel Pkwy, Allen 75002

6500 S Great Trinity Forest Way, Dallas 75217

2012 Woodall Rodgers Freeway, Dallas 75201

5207 McKinney Ave, Dallas 75205

8300 Garland Rd, Dallas 75218

Dallas Transportation

Find out how to get around town when in Dallas.

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