The Mile-High City, Western spirit and adventure at the base of the Rocky Mountains.

Welcome to Denver, CO

It is the Queen City of the West … the mile-high treasure of the Rocky Mountains, and a haven for everyone from jazz musicians and thrill-seekers to big time sports fans. It’s a sleek urban metropolis … a gateway to adventure, excitement and indulgence … it is Denver.

About Denver

Home to a rich, Wild West kind of a history and a thriving modern day economy, Denver is an eclectic yet distinct city that offers the perfect blend of big city access, tex-mex flair and frontier thrills—a true cultural melting pot at the edge of the American West.

You’ll find some of the country’s best museums humbly tucked away near the bustling Santa Fe Arts District … and the dazzling Denver Performing Arts Complex just a few blocks up the road from the home of the Super Bowl-winning Denver Broncos. You’ll find soaring, high rise condos just a few miles from pristine nature trails.

And all of it fits seamlessly together to form the rich and inviting tapestry that’s quickly earning its reputation as one of America’s friendliest big cities.

Of course, this isn’t just happenstance …

In reality, Denver’s beautiful face and rich culture are the result of centuries of hard work—and a little good luck—on behalf of her happy residents and city fathers.


From Gold Rush Mining Camp to Frontier Metropolis

Denver is a city founded on the very concept of Wild West adventure—a gold-rush era mining town founded back in 1858, when General William Larimer staked out a plot at the corner of Cherry Creek and the South Platte River.

He named it “Denver City,” hoping to curry the favor of Territorial Governor James W. Denver who—ironically—had already resigned from office. Nonetheless, the name stuck and by 1876 Denver was admitted to the Union.

At the time, Denver had not yet become the National City we know today, instead it was still dwarfed by nearby frontier hubs like Cheyenne and Dodge City. So Denver’s residents made a bold gamble. They spent a small fortune, building a bypass that connected the transcontinental railroad to their fledgling city.

The rest, as they say, is history.

The city quickly grew as a service and supply center for the rapidly industrializing American West. Millionaires and urbanization soon started knocking on Denver’s door, but so was the “City Beautiful” movement of the early 20th Century … a design philosophy that inspired so many of Denver’s peaceful parks and open spaces.

Places like the Denver Urban Gardens, Bluff Lake Nature Center and the legendary Red Rocks Park all served to distill the pride with which Denverites had elevated their town onto the world stage … and embody the city’s exciting, forward-looking culture.


From Civic Evolution to Sports Excellence

Where the first half of the 20th Century saw Denver revolutionizing urban culture and style, the second half of the century was all about Denverites enjoying the fruits of their labor—and settling in for some incredible sports.

Denver is one of those lucky American cities with teams in each of the “Big 5” Professional sports; with the Broncos for Football, the Colorado Rockies for Baseball, the Denver Nuggets for Basketball, the Colorado Avalanche for Hockey, and the Colorado Rapids for Soccer.

That means nearly year-round action at awesome venues like the Pepsi Center, Coors Field and Dick’s Sporting Goods Park and Mile High Stadium—where the two-time Super Bowl winning Denver Broncos have sold out each and every game since 1970.

It’s not just professional sports either; thanks to the aforementioned “City Beautiful” movement, Denver’s home to a whopping 200 parks throughout the city—from small, local parks to the massive 314 acre City Park. There are even 29 local recreation centers, where residents go to play games, participate in activities, and get to know their neighbors.

The most exciting parks aren’t even inside city limits. Instead, they’re the “Mountain Parks” … 14,000 acres of sprawling, Rocky Mountain wilderness that includes the iconic Red Rocks Park and some of the state’s best skiing.

But Denverites don’t just play hard …


From Humble Trading Hub to High-Tech Business Hotspot

Despite the city’s relatively austere appearance and unassuming local culture, the local economy is worth a tremendous $157.6 Billion a year—putting Denver in the country’s top 20 busiest metro areas.

The city’s recipe for success has been the same here as in every other aspect of their history; a little bit of good luck combined with decades of hard work.

As a result, Denver is now home to dozens of companies with household names like Samsonite, Molson Coors Brewing, United Airlines and Lockheed Martin. The city was even ranked sixth on Forbes’ list of the Best Places for Business and Careers.

Downtown Denver has become a thriving scene for young professionals and local artists; with exciting neighborhoods like the stylish LoDo district earning national acclaim thanks to their unique style and talented residents.


From Mining Shacks to High-Rise Luxury Condos

All of this adds up to massive demand for condos & rentals in a city that doesn’t really have the space to add too many more.

According to a recent study (November, 2014) metro-area condo demand was up roughly 27% over the prior year, with selling price swelling a massive 20% in that same time. It was also found that the average time spent on market for condo properties had dropped roughly 20% in that same period.

Without enough supply to give buyers the alternatives they’re looking for, prime properties are beginning to command a serious premium at sale. Great news for sellers, but as long as buyers are patient, there are still deals out there to be found.

Plus, with a few new construction properties finally beginning to come online, Denver’s condo buyers will have a unique and rare opportunity to buy their own little slice of the mile-high city at a reasonable price.

They’ll be enjoying top-notch luxury amenities and breathtaking Rock Mountain views, all while the proud city of Denver sails into an exciting new century …

Top Condo Buildings in Denver

1. Glass House
2. One Lincoln Park
3. Spire Condominiums
4. Confluence Heights
5. Wyandot Overlook
6. Diamond Lofts
7. Big Factory Lofts
8. Barclay Tower
9. Larimer Place
10. One Riverfront

Denver Key Points of Interest

1. Denver Art Museum
2. Denver Museum of Nature & Science
3. Coors Field
4. Denver Zoo
5. Kirkland Museum of Fine & Decorative Art
6. The Denver Performing Arts Complex
7. United States Mint
8. Molly Brown House
9. Colorado State Capitol Building
10. Red Rocks Amphitheatre

Denver Schools

The best of the Public & Private Schools in Denver

Highly rated school providing comprehensive academics and enrichment program in two-teacher classrooms.

Denver Public School offering innovative programs in academics, the arts, and character development.

Serving the Denver community since 1925, providing rigorous academics, athletics, arts, and cultural diversity.

The oldest private university in the Rocky Mountain region, with notable programs in law and international relations.

Restaurants & Dining

Enjoy culturally-diverse flavors and relaxed ambiances around the city.

Seasonal and locally sourced Mediterranean dishes from James Beard award winning chef Jennifer Jasinki.

Elegant fine dining experience featuring authentic and innovative northern Italian cuisine and wines.

Inspired New American/French fusion menu highlighting outstanding ingredients in an intimate dining room.

Upscale farmhouse cuisine, craft cocktails, and in-house butcher in a rustic chic setting.

Award winning gourmet burgers and good vibes make this a local favorite.

Shopping in Denver

Denver is a wonderful place to shop luxury stores and chic boutiques.

Retail shops, dining, and entertainment in the heart of downtown Denver.

Destination for high-end and eclectic boutiques, cafes, and galleries in restored historic district.

Upscale mall showcasing over 160 premium retailers and luxury brands.

Five anchor stores, major retailers, specialty stores, and outdoor promenade in a mountain lodge setting.

Parks & Recreation

Whether you enjoy hiking, biking, or relaxing outdoors, Denver has it all.

Mt Evans Rd, Evergreen 80439

1007 York St, Denver 80206

S Downing St & E Louisiana Ave, Denver 80209

2250 15th St, Denver 80202

15th St and Confluence Park, Denver 80202

Denver Transportation

Find out how to get around town when in Denver.

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