Along the rolling banks of the Potomac River sits the nation’s capital.

Welcome to Washington DC

 Washington D.C. is a city that needs no introduction.

Simply called “The District,” by locals, this sprawling Capital City is the seat of American political power—a place of almost intoxicating history and influence, where everyone from the President to local high-powered executives spend their time at work and at play.

And it’s plain to see why, too. Breathtaking art and architecture, best-in-the-world museums at the Smithsonian, and incredible fine dining, D.C. simply has it all.

About Washington DC

It wasn’t until the last few years that the District of Columbia has grown to have a thriving condo market as well. For decades, the White House was one of the only local houses of note. But that’s all changing. As the government establishes more new offices and beckons companies to do the same, D.C. is experiencing a micro-boom in real estate—centered almost exclusively around this capital city.

It’s all about the prestige and the power. The respect that an address in Washington’s District of Columbia truly demands.

In neighborhoods like Mount Vernon Triangle, that means bulldozing old parking lots to build lavish new buildings, with some 3,000 luxury apartments in the neighborhood now renting for an average of $2,000 per month.

In other neighborhoods, the local press focuses on “Under Contract in 9 Days or Less,” where posh new condos and townhomes are snatched up by eager D.C. byers in less than a week and a half.

Yet the city still isn’t a bustling metropolis … with just 658,000 full-time residents, D.C. is only the 23rd most populous city in the country (rising substantially during the workweek with the influx of commuters), in part due to the fact that the city still adheres to the original plan laid out by Pierre L’enfant in 1791 …

 A Unique Kind of History

Of course, so much of the respect that Washington commands is based on its powerful and truly unique history.

Established as the central seat of Federal Power for America’s branches of government, Washington D.C. isn’t part of any of the fifty states; in order to keep America’s legislature from having a home state that could potentially curry special favor.

While originally designed by L’enfant and carefully maintained by people like Andrew Ellicott, D.C. has still experienced the same kind of organic growth you’d see in any city. But the introduction of what’s called the McMillan plan has—for over a hundred years now—helped maintain the city’s original aesthetic appeal and given proper respect to the city’s austere landmarks.

As a result, condo developers are generally prohibited by law from building the kind of soaring towers you might expect to see in such a fast-growing city center. Buildings in and around the D.C. area are strictly limited in terms of height, with the Washington Monument still standing as the tallest building in the city by far.

Divided into four quadrants with a grid system of streets, the city’s planned design promotes relatively orderly traffic and flow, even through peak commuter hours when the city’s population increases by roughly 50%.

D.C.’s Swelling Local Economy

Washington’s currently in the pleasant situation of seeing their overall economy grow while the percentage of professional and business service jobs are also rising.

The impact of that simple fact is profound; with a whopping $425 billion in business measured in the D.C. metro area in the year of 2010 … making Washington the country’s fourth-largest metropolitan area. At the same time, the area’s unemployment rate is just 6.2%; the second lowest in the nation.

Surprisingly enough; it’s not just the government that’s making all this happen, either. Government jobs presently only account for 29% of business in the city—hardly a lion’s share when compared to the thriving local businesses. At the same time, this level of built-in business is a great thing for the city; since the government will continue doing business regardless of a recession.

Major local businesses in the area include a number of local colleges—like Georgetown and George Washington University—as well as four of the company’s 500 largest companies.

America’s Cultural Ark

Where so many Americans would think of Washington D.C. in terms of the politics or perhaps the flourishing local businesses, few would realize quite how much culture and local flavor can be had in a relatively straight-laced kind of city …

For starters, you have great professional sports teams like the Washington Redskins and the D.C. Slayers (America’s most successful Major League Soccer team). There’s also great college basketball from the Georgetown Hoyas, the nearby rivalries at Annapolis’ naval academy, and so much more.

Not a sports fan? That’s quite alright. How about spending some time at the city’s truly stupendous Smithsonian museums.

With enough natural, political and global history to keep you busy for years to come, the Smithsonian museums are some of the most exhaustively curated, most complete collections of artifacts, knowledge, and enlightenment that you’ll find anywhere in the world.

Carrying that passion for history and understanding into the present, you’ll also find a passionate local media scene, with publishers like The Washington Post, The New Republic and The Washington Times earning worldwide acclaim.

A Metropolis Re-born

While Washington, D.C. may not be the size of prolific American cities like Los Angeles and New York, our nation’s Capital effortlessly makes up the difference in class—a proud and powerful icon of American diligence.

This isn’t just a special city. This is a truly one-of-a-kind place.

Where once there was a substantial amount of crime, local authorities have worked together to halve those statistics. And where once there were gridlocked highways, there’s now a freer-flowing beltway and Washington’s unintrusive Metro system.

Just as our nation has persevered through good times and bad; each time pushing itself to get better and better, so too has our nation’s Capital. With a thriving business scene, a whole host of new local condos & residences … and the powerful kinds of opportunities that only a city like D.C. could offer—there’s simply no substitute…

Top Condo Buildings in Washington DC

1. Eclipse on Center Park
2. The Odyssey
3. Turnberry Tower
4. Exchange at Van Dorn
5. Midtown Alexandria Station
6. Virginia Square Condominium
7. The Atrium
8. The Belvedere
9. The Cairo
10. Watergate

Washington DC Key Points of Interest

1. Lincoln Memorial
2. The White House
3. Washington Monument
4. United States Capitol Building
5. Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum
6. National Gallery of Art
7. Vietnam Veterans Memorial
8. Library of Congress
9. Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History
10. Jefferson Memorial

Washington DC Schools

The best of the Public & Private Schools in Washington DC

Member of the DC Collaborative for Change, bringing a comprehensive curriculum to grades Pre-K through 5th.

Delivering an engaging academic program to grades 6 – 8 recognized with the International Baccalaureate World School designation.

Top-ranked DC public school providing rigorous academic, social, and athletic programs in an innovative collegiate environment.

Recognized worldwide as a leading academic and research institution and originally founded as a Catholic Jesuit university.

Restaurants & Dining

Enjoy fine dining or dive bar delights!

Ultra popular and ever changing multiple course Mediterranean tasting menu.

Seasonal American fine dining experience in a refined Federal-style setting.

Perennial favorite serving a sophisticated take on the spicy flavors of Indian cuisine.

Contemporary Greek, Turkish, and Lebanese dishes in a chic hot spot.

Authentic Parisian brasserie quickly becoming one of the city’s top dining venues.

Shopping in Washington DC

Washington DC is a great place to shop upscale boutiques and major malls.

Upscale retail mall and tourist shops in a historic train station.

Washington DC’s design district featuring high-end furniture stores, jewelry, and clothing boutiques.

Farmer’s market since 1873, with weekend vendors offering clothing, antiques, and handmade crafts.

Major retailers, restaurants, and entertainment in the Chinatown neighborhood.

Parks & Recreation

Take a stroll through famous gardens or enjoy the views along the tidal basin.

Constitution Ave NW, Washington DC 20565

14th St SW, Washington DC, 20024

3545 Williamsburg Ln NW, Washington DC 20008

100 Maryland Ave SW, Washington DC 20024

3200 Mount Vernon Hwy, Mt Vernon, VA 22121

Washington DC Transportation

Find out how to get around town when in Washington DC.

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