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September 30th, 2023 - Welcome to 27 Lindstrom Rd

27 Lindstrom Rd is a condominium building in STAMFORD, CT with 30 units. There are currently 4 units for sale ranging from $449,000 to $499,000. Let the advisors at help you buy or sell for the best price - saving you time and money.

Building Description

The 27 Lindstrom Rd condo in STAMFORD was built in 1985.
Pricing starts at $160,000 and goes up to $570,000.
1 - 2 Bedroom units available for sale with square footage from 937 up to 1723.
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27 Lindstrom Rd is located at:
27 Lindstrom Rd



Year Built 1985

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Association Information & Financing

Association Information

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Association Documents

Unit Inventory & Sales History

2 Units with 2 Bedrooms For Sale at 27 Lindstrom Rd

Unit Beds Baths Price Sq Ft
7A 2 2.5 $463,000 price change sown 2.9% 1,723 $268.7
7D 2 2.5 $499,000 1,723 $289.6

2 Units with 3 Bedrooms For Sale at 27 Lindstrom Rd

Unit Beds Baths Price Sq Ft
B5 3 2.5 $449,000 price change sown 2.2% 1,723 $260.6
B8 3 2.5 $499,000 1,788 $279.1

1 Units with 1 Bedrooms For Rent at 27 Lindstrom Rd

Unit Beds Baths Price Sq Ft
B3 1 1 $2,200 937 $2.4

27 Lindstrom Rd

Association Information: Click here
Building Documents: Click here

27 Lindstrom Rd Total units: 30

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Reviews for 27 Lindstrom Rd

  • Disclaimer

    Buyer Beware! Quayside is baaaaddd to the bone.

    We gotta agree with the previous Quayside review. We just moved here not so long ago and it’s gone from bad to even worse with no end in sight. . No amenities, high common charges and taxes and the place is a complete dump. Fencing has been down for a year or more. Driveway has sink holes in. the back because the place is built on a former swamp (marshland) and is literally sinking!!! An adjacent marina Parking lot has young hoodsters hanging out smoking dope and playing loud music late at night. The street on Lindstrom Rd is all cars, blue collar trucks. Looks like Bridgeport today. Rats are so rampant they have rat traps with bait behind all the bushes. Never seen anything like this. The property managers don’t care, don’t return calls. They are useless to being with. We regret ever stepping foot on this property. Don’t waste your money. The Board of Directoes and the HOA is a joke. No one likes them. They steal for themselves. Clueless and we’re being kind. We’re selling and getting the hell out.

    Overall Rating 1.2 out of 5
    Amenties 1 out of 5
    Location 2 out of 5
    Price 1 out of 5
    Management 1 out of 5
    Community 1 out of 5
  • Disclaimer

    Corrupt Board and numerous thefts and break ins

    Just had my home broken into here this week for the second time. Pretty sure it’s an inside job. The Board is run like a Colombian cartel. The Board president is liar and thief who stole the election to keep her position on the Board after 50% of homeowners signed a petition to eliminate her. She is married to an Atlantic City mobster and everyone suspects the two of them are steaming from the Condo association’s reserves. People including former Board members are moving out of here to get away from her. Her name is Jo Ann Prescott. She has destroyed the integrity of this place and it won’t improve until she’s knocked off the Board or moves out of here. You don’t want to live here.

    Overall Rating 1.6 out of 5
    Amenties 1 out of 5
    Location 4 out of 5
    Price 1 out of 5
    Management 1 out of 5
    Community 1 out of 5
  • Disclaimer

    Poorly Managed and corrupt Board

    Do NOT buy a Condo in this community. The Board is horrible. Self serving and corrupt. The owners are inactive and it’s mostly renters today. Nothing ever gets done on the property. No amenities and evil people run this Board. Stay away or suffer the consequences. Disgruntled owners.

    Overall Rating 2 out of 5
    Amenties 1 out of 5
    Location 4 out of 5
    Price 3 out of 5
    Management 1 out of 5
    Community 1 out of 5

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