555 Laurel Ave San Mateo, CA 94401

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May 17th, 2022 - Welcome to Gramercy on the Park

Gramercy on the Park is a condominium building in San Mateo, CA with 145 units. There are currently 3 units for sale ranging from $698,000 to $2,288,000. The last sale in the building was unit 403 which sold for $1,000,000. Let the experts at Condo.com help you buy or sell for the best price - saving you time and money.

Building Description

Located in the heart of downtown San Mateo, Gramercy on the Park is a luxurious mid-rise condominium community featuring a variety of high-end amenities and finishes. The complex features 1 to 4 bedroom homes with 2 to 4 bathrooms. Among these residences, enjoy a Japanese Tea Garden, tennis courts, a club room, fitness center, sauna, steam room, heated pool, and a spa. Gramercy on the Park boasts an underground parking garage, 24-hour security and doorman, ceramic-tiled balconies, and fireplaces. In order to showcase the views, sprawling windows are in every unit. The complex is in close proximity to cafes, boutiques, and incredible restaurants, allowing residents easy accessibility to explore the charming town of San Mateo. Classy, airy, and bright, Gramercy on the Park presents designer touches and high-end finishes throughout the stunning and spacious property.



Year Built 1980

Building Amenities

  • Japanese Tea Garden
  • Tennis courts
  • Baseball diamond
  • Walking trails
  • Arboretum
  • 24 hour Security & Concierge Service
  • Ceramic-tiled balconies
  • Expansive windows
  • Club room
  • Fitness center
  • Sauna
  • Steam room
  • Heated pool
  • Spa
  • Parking

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Association Information

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Unit Inventory & Sales History

1 Units with 1 Bedrooms For Sale at Gramercy on the Park

Unit Beds Baths Price Sq Ft
505 1 2 $698,000 0 $0.0

1 Units with 2 Bedrooms For Sale at Gramercy on the Park

Unit Beds Baths Price Sq Ft
522 2 2 $1,580,000 1,786 $884.7

1 Units with 4 Bedrooms For Sale at Gramercy on the Park

Unit Beds Baths Price Sq Ft
128 4 3 $2,288,000 price change sown 13.6% 2,688 $851.2

1 Units with 1 Bedrooms Just Sold at Gramercy on the Park

Unit Beds Baths Price Sq Ft Closed Date
211 1 2 $879,000 1,095 $802.7 01/10/2020

3 Units with 2 Bedrooms Just Sold at Gramercy on the Park

Unit Beds Baths Price Sq Ft Closed Date
403 2 2 $1,150,000 1,786 $643.9 07/28/2020
317 2 2 $1,498,000 1,786 $838.7 03/03/2020
522 2 2 $1,549,000 1,920 $806.8 11/13/2019

1 Units with 4 Bedrooms Just Sold at Gramercy on the Park

Unit Beds Baths Price Sq Ft Closed Date
102 4 3 $2,788,000 3,116 $894.7 12/20/2019

Gramercy on the Park

Association Information: Click here
Building Documents: Click here

Gramercy on the Park Total units: 145

3 For sale
0 For rent
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Central San Mateo

555 Laurel Ave San Mateo, CA 94401

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Reviews for Gramercy on the Park

  • Disclaimer

    Help‼️ This is still an on-going case but at this point, I am lost

    I manage an apartment at the Gramercy of the Park in San Mateo since around 2012. Suddenly, the building charged nearly $6000 of repair work on the unit’s HOA account. Neither the home owner nor I was informed and we never signed a contract or approved work. The reason cited was an approved leak which damaged the unit below. I asked for paperwork, before and after work photos, and many other specific questions, but the on-site manager Gabriela provided none despite multiple emails. She said her job was not billing, so it was not she who put the charges on the unit’s account. I asked for a name and tel number to contact the right person because on their invoice, there was only a PO Box number, no name, no tel number. Gabriela didn’t answer my request. So, I asked for the name of the owner of the neighbour, but she refused. I give her the benefit of the doubt that it may be a privacy issue. She deflected me to contact Tim O’Riordan of O’Riordan Construction, whom she used but I have never met and never communicated in the past. I wrote Tim an email with a list of questions, and it’s been a day and no response. Most importantly, I do not have a contract with my name or the unit owner’s name but they not only started work but finished. Any lawyer reading this, is this even legal? No written and no verbal contract but finished work ‼️ Tim O’Riordan is a licensed contractor and I would think he should know that this is unlawful to charge for work without any form of approvals and just found an account to charge it to. And the most peculiar of all is why was it charged on the unit’s HOA account? If it’s work between Gramercy and O’Riordan, then it’s their business. If it was indeed between the unit and O’Riordan, then why not send me, the manager, an invoice directly. How is it even logical to involve an HOA account with a balance in the Gramercy’s custodian? I try to reach out to the HOA president but I cannot find the name and contact for the HOA president online, and Gabriela once again didn’t answer my request. Basically, the building is stonewalling me and charged mindlessly on the unit’s HOA account. 😡😡😡😡 I have this image of me alone, holding onto an invoice from a stranger in the amount close to $6000 but not knowing what it’s for. The people who were involved in this from the Gramercy’s side are no where to be found. It feels like the managed unit and maybe even I are being targeted for a highway robbery. Gabriela offered to discuss in person but I refused unless she agrees to have a witness and/or recording the meeting. At this point, my trust on them has vaporized. Then, she went silent 😡😡😡😡 It’s regrettable but I can’t help but wondering what kind of game these people are playing. Do they habitually do similar things to the residents in the building? Many of whom are seniors living in the building, and with quite a number of them over 90. Maybe I watched too much news but if it turns out to be true, it’s not the first time people exploit seniors.

    Overall Rating 4 out of 5
    Amenties 5 out of 5
    Location 5 out of 5
    Price 5 out of 5
    Management 1 out of 5
    Community 4 out of 5
  • Disclaimer

    HOA can send invoice for unknown work

    HOA president said verbatim “we don’t need to disclose work details. The invoice is evidence”‼️ The bldg wouldn’t answer where, what, how..on the work done and charge without prior acknowledgment and involvement of unit owner. This is the most audacious money grab I have ever heard The work was a no-bid contract because the contractor on the work is also the bldg maintenance/engineer, which we eventually found out. The bldg manager is on dinosaur rate to return emails if at all. They gave owner only 48 hours to agree on a meeting on a Saturday morning, and if not, HOA threatened to place a lien on the unit. Owner is out of the country in Asia. All in all, these are the most barbaric handlings of business I have ever encountered. They expect to able to charge anything they want without having to disclose work, and JUST PAY IT is their attitude. At this point, I am assuming I will see them in court, and this issue will take months or even years. I just had cancer treatments and they know very well about it, so I guess vulnerability attracts vultures. Owner I a free spirit nomad, so I am now going to deal with this for whatever life I have left, even if it takes years till I take my last breath. So my advice is Stay Away‼️ I have a feeling this may be their practices. Too many seniors in the building. Many are over 80. For unit 609’s welfare and for the rest of the residents, I shall fight for the justice through facts findings. Can’t believe in this day and age, someone could just do this. Ridiculous!

    Overall Rating 1.6 out of 5
    Amenties 2 out of 5
    Location 3 out of 5
    Price 1 out of 5
    Management 1 out of 5
    Community 1 out of 5

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