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November 29th, 2023 - Welcome to Schooner Bay Enterprise

Schooner Bay Enterprise is a condominium building in NORTH FORT MYERS, FL with 69 units. There are currently 7 units for sale ranging from $255,000 to $335,000. Let the advisors at Condo.com help you buy or sell for the best price - saving you time and money.

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Year Built 1977

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2 Units with 1 Bedrooms For Sale at Schooner Bay Enterprise

Unit Beds Baths Price Sq Ft
416 1 2 $275,000 1,106 $248.6
421 1 2 $335,000 1,106 $302.9

5 Units with 2 Bedrooms For Sale at Schooner Bay Enterprise

Unit Beds Baths Price Sq Ft
319 2 2 $329,000 price change up2.7% 1,106 $297.5
311 2 2 $255,000 1,412 $180.6
311 2 2 $255,000 price change sown 5.9% 1,412 $180.6
207 2 2 $256,000 price change sown 1.5% 1,106 $231.5
207 2 2 $256,000 1,106 $231.5

Schooner Bay Enterprise

Association Information: Click here
Building Documents: Click here

Schooner Bay Enterprise Total units: 69

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Reviews for Schooner Bay Enterprise

  • Disclaimer

    Ripping off the elderly!!!!

    I have a family member who lives in this HOA. Residents there believe they own the HoA and nothing could be further from the truth. None of the residents understand that the HOA is actually run by a brokerage brokerage firm called Schooner Bay. The residents also don’t seem to understand that the Schooner Bay brokerage firm is actually an LLC. The most recent hurricane that was a category five that went across Florida severe damage was done to the schooner bay condos. Schooner Bay does have a master HOA insurance plan that is supposed to cover the outside of the buildings, the roofs the common areas and the parking lots. Due to the severity of the hurricane the first level of all buildings were completely flooded. Cars were totaled because they were completely covered in water. These damages, sustained by the hurricane were meant to be covered in full by the HOA master master insurance plan. Instead, what is occurred is that residents have had to pay in full for their cars themselves or their personal insurance has had to pay in partner in full for their cars. While payment by car insurance is up to those companies, i highly recommend that residents and auto insurance companies review what’s financially occurring at Schooner Bay. The second problem is is that residents are still living within Schooner bay that do not have their windows repaired, their hurricane screen that go over the windows repaired no black mold screening has been done, no treatment for mold has occurred as residents find themselves getting sick without cause. Residents have put in what schooner bay is listing as “volunteer“ time and resources. In other words, residents have taken of their personal time and personal financial resources to physically repair the common areas. This it comes in spite of the fact that schooner bay has taken out a million dollar plus loan to complete these repairs. I highly recommend that residents sue for theft of service. The Schooner Bay HOA master insurance plan was meant to pay for these repairs as the residence pay an HOA fee to cover this insurance plan. Therefore, theft of service has occurred by the master insurance HOA plan, as well as by the HOA by allowing these residents to financially and physically go in and conduct these repairs. I highly recommend that all residents who participated in this ““ voluntary““ help sue, the HOA, as well as the HOA master insurance plan. Residents are also being charged what is being labeled as a special assessment fees. These fees range in cost from $2500-$7000. The special assessment fees are due immediately and there is no payment plan nor any delay allowed with regards to the special assessment fees. These fees started accruing once the HOA stated immediately after the hurricane that each resident will be required to pay a total of $27,000 in special assessment fees. When the residence stated no at the meeting, the association decided that they would instead milk their residence out of these “special assessment, fees“ Until they had the monies that they felt they needed. The amount collected and it’s use is unknown because transparency is not being given as to whether or not the now depleted bank account which is required to have a minimum of $600,000 in it for disasters such as hurricane to support, the master insurance plan has been refilled, or if it is still empty. It is also unknown if the special assessment fees are being used to recoup that cost that was spent in a matter of 3 to 5 days, simply draining out the water from the first floors and no other repairs were done. it is unknown if the special assessment fees were being built up as collateral in order to attain the loan in order to complete repairs, in fact, it is completely unknown exactly what the special assessment fees are being used for at all. Homeowners who refuse or cannot pay the special assessment fees are then forced to put up their condos for sale. Condo owners have absolutely no recourse other than to sell their homes or else the cost of these fees being levied by the HOA will go against their mortgage and their home will be repossessed. There is no monthly accounting statement put out to the residents as to exactly how the special assessment fees are being spent and who all exactly are paying and who are not paying the special assessment fees. It is also unknown if residence who choose to sell their properties and leave the HOA what the new residents contracts entail in regards to special assessment fees. For example, if the incoming new buyers have simply incorporated into their contracts that they do not have to pay the special assessment fees related to this disaster because they have an agreement written into their contract that states they will complete all internal repairs associated with the condo themselves thereby reducing the cost to the association for repairs to sell the properties. Have new buyers agreed to a simple one time fee to

    Overall Rating 1 out of 5
    Amenties 1 out of 5
    Location 1 out of 5
    Price 1 out of 5
    Management 1 out of 5
    Community 1 out of 5

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