10660 Wilshire Los Angeles, CA 90024

Wilshire Manning


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Building Description

. Residents enjoy valet parking, concierge services, a well-outfitted exercise room, a sauna and a lovely swimming pool. Located in the middle of Wilshire Boulevards Golden Mile, The Wilshire Manning is central to everything Los Angeles has to offer



Year Built 1980

Building Amenities

  • POOL
  • SPA

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3 Units with 2 Bedrooms For Sale at Wilshire Manning

Unit Beds Baths Price Sq Ft
107 2 2.5 $725,000 1,430 $507.0
1004 2 2.5 $1,450,000 1,888 $768.0
510 2 2.5 $1,499,000 2,177 $688.6

4 Units with 3 Bedrooms For Sale at Wilshire Manning

Unit Beds Baths Price Sq Ft
809 3 4 $1,424,000 2,426 $587.0
1001 3 3.5 $1,849,000 2,608 $709.0
1603 3 4 $1,799,000 2,433 $739.4
1401 3 3.5 $1,758,888 0 $0.0

1 Units with 4 Bedrooms For Sale at Wilshire Manning

Unit Beds Baths Price Sq Ft
1801 4 4.5 $4,395,000 5,553 $791.5

1 Units with 2 Bedrooms For Rent at Wilshire Manning

Unit Beds Baths Price Sq Ft
404 2 2.5 $5,900 1,859 $3.2

1 Units with 1 Bedrooms Just Sold at Wilshire Manning

Unit Beds Baths Price Sq Ft Closed Date
408 1 1.5 $705,000 1,236 $570.4 12/17/2019

8 Units with 2 Bedrooms Just Sold at Wilshire Manning

Unit Beds Baths Price Sq Ft Closed Date
107 2 2.5 $725,000 1,430 $507.0 07/01/2020
1004 2 2.5 $1,349,000 1,888 $714.5 07/22/2020
1708 2 3 $1,499,000 2,177 $688.6 03/09/2020
1106 2 2.5 $1,235,000 1,862 $663.3 12/30/2019
1706 2 2.5 $1,350,000 1,862 $725.0 12/16/2019
1406 2 2.5 $1,275,000 1,862 $684.7 10/01/2019
604 2 2.5 $979,000 1,859 $526.6 04/01/2016
1504 2 2.5 $1,299,000 1,888 $688.0 11/29/2017

1 Units with 4 Bedrooms Just Sold at Wilshire Manning

Unit Beds Baths Price Sq Ft Closed Date
1801 4 4.5 $4,395,000 5,553 $791.5 10/23/2019

Wilshire Manning

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Wilshire Manning Total units: 139

8 For sale
1 For rent
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Los Angeles

10660 Wilshire Los Angeles, CA 90024

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Reviews for Wilshire Manning

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  • Disclaimer

    One of the more affordable Wilshire Corridor condo buildings

    The Wilshire Manning offers full amenities with some of the larger more affordable units on the Wilshire Corridor.

    Overall Rating 4.4 out of 5
    Amenties 4 out of 5
    Location 4 out of 5
    Price 5 out of 5
    Management 5 out of 5
    Community 4 out of 5
  • Disclaimer

    Please reconsider getting to know who the management team of this building really is. Spend a little

    I've been a tenant at Wilshire Manning for 4+ years, and I have to say this building is managed by the most money-hungry, micro-aggressive manager ever. I, personally, was a naive young student in LA. I came from a country where if you purchased a unit or a house, you should not only feel at home but feel supported by the staff that you choose to surround yourself with. Sherrie, the manager, a seemingly chatty lady, have confused my guests as uber drivers/food delivery people and refused to let them inside the building because they were black. While I was away in China for my grandfather's funeral, I had left the keys to a friend of mine so he can water my plants and help me clean up my space weekly. I told him if he wanted to, he could crash over and house sit for me. These types of arrangements are typical among 21st-century people. However, when my friend, who is black, came to the building for the 3rd time to water my plants and help me clean, Sherrie instructed the staff members in the building to disable his elevator key fob (which I gave to him). She then instructed the staff members at the front desk to keep him contained in the lobby, and refused to let him up into my unit. My friend, surprised, decided to call me when I was in China. I then had to call internationally to the building trying to let them know the situation. However, despite me, a homeowner, telling the staff member that this man who is in the lobby right now is my friend who I gave permission to help me house sit. The worker seemed almost afraid to disobey any instructions given to him by Sherrie (which I understand). My friend ended up waiting in the lobby for hours before leaving because Sherrie instructed the workers in the building to block him from entering the elevator. Sherrie is a master manipulator and liar and has no remorse for doing anything to achieve what she wants. Notably, the manager will refuse any contractors to do any fixing inside your own units. She only wants you to use their supposed building approved contractors, which sounds like a good idea, but when you realize those building approved contractors are essentially mum and pop shops that are run by vendors who give a kickback to her and the homeowner association, you realize that you are paying a ridiculous amount of money for a simple toilet fix just to feed into her pockets. The story goes on, with the craziest thing being every year, a homeowner association voting takes place so homeowners in the building can try to be on the board if they so wish. However, when the voting happened, everyone in the building ends up finding out that those votes were pre-determined, as one of the current homeowner board members actually does not own a unit in the building. That means Sherrie, and the HOA, have been manipulating voting results to maintain power in the building. Absolutely absurd. There are plenty of other condominiums on Wilshire that are around the price point that offer so much more amenities and services to its homeowners, or renters. Trust me. I must say that I too, made many mistakes in my earlier college days. One of them being naively trusting Sherrie during a water leakage incident that transpired between the unit above me and mine. Sherrie verbally promised to have a word with the unit above and told me to stand down and let her do the talking. However, once the ceiling was poorly patched by the unit above's contactors, I was unpleased with the repair efforts. I turned my frustration onto Sherrie, complaining to her. But she simply turned everything back onto me, stating that if you don't let what I'm doing, you can do it yourself without my help. I should have done that to begin with, but now, with the ceiling half-heartedly patched, the majority of the damage could not be seen by my home insurance agent. My home insurance agent/inspector told me in the future, don't ever trust the words of my building manager, because they always have a financial interest to gain. This is just the tip of the iceberg for what transpires at Wilshire Manning. I write this with the sincere hope that any soon-to-be homeowners would consider a different condominium to purchase along Wilshire, for there are far better options available elsewhere.

    Overall Rating 1.8 out of 5
    Amenties 1 out of 5
    Location 4 out of 5
    Price 2 out of 5
    Management 1 out of 5
    Community 1 out of 5

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