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February 21st, 2024 - Welcome to Georgian Court Condos

Georgian Court Condos is a condominium building in MILWAUKEE, WI with 73 units. There are currently 3 units for sale ranging from $100,000 to $107,900. Let the advisors at Condo.com help you buy or sell for the best price - saving you time and money.

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Year Built 1969

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3 Units with 1 Bedrooms For Sale at Georgian Court Condos

Unit Beds Baths Price Sq Ft
219 1 1 $107,900 643 $167.8
216 1 1 $105,900 643 $164.7
115 1 1 $100,000 price change sown 5.0% 500 $200.0

Georgian Court Condos

Association Information: Click here
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Georgian Court Condos Total units: 73

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Reviews for Georgian Court Condos

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    Where to start…. This building was built in 1969. The majority of the residents are senior citizens. The rest of the residents are young and either first time condo buyers or renting from someone that has units as investment properties. Pros: it’s a convenient location, and there is garage parking, recycling and an elevator. They have also added a Butterfly system for entry, and locked the entry at night to combat the issue of drunk aggressive homeless men sleeping in the entry. Cons: the neighborhood is sketchy. It’s on the border of where nice neighborhood and dumpy neighborhood meet. They don’t allow pets — a ton of people have them, and I’m assuming they call them emotional support animals to get around this stupid rule. Milwaukee is a pet loving town. The senior residents will report you if they see a cat or a dog in your window. There’s a couple that like to spy on and gossip about everyone in the building. The walls are PAPER THIN. You’re going to hear your neighbor in their bathroom, in their BEDROOM , and sneezing —- and they will hear you. They only have window unit A/C and just in the living room. Windows open sideways so it doesn’t support adding one in the bedroom. The heat is baseboard heaters and they don’t work properly. They’re as old as the binding, and falling apart. If it’s on, it goes straight to boiling - so there’s no in between, and it’s like that in all the units. The balconies are ugly and unstable so no one actually sits on them. The units have gas - which is a nightmare in old buildings and there’s always a gas leak coming from someone’s apartment and the building ends up being evacuated and fire department comes multiple times a year. One day someone is going to die or there will be an explosion. There are leaks coming from the ceiling everywhere - the halls, in the units, etc. So there is water damage everywhere and stains on the ceiling and on the hallway carpet. There was just a leak in the storage age too so everyone had to file insurance claims for their belongings that were destroyed. They just had roof leaks as well. The “fitness room” is an old dumpy small room in the basement with cheap equipment, bad lighting and it looks like a scene from a scary movie. In addition to the paper thin wall — the venting seems to all be connected, so if someone is smoking weed in a neighboring unit - it wafts into yours. Something with stinking food. The association rules are ridiculous and you need to pay fees to move in and out etc — which is BS and everyone ignores. The association fee is also high considering what a dump it is and how awful the property mgmt company is. If someone parks in your spot they tell you to call the police and won’t do anything about it. (FYI - police can’t do anything about a car parked inside of a garage and tell you to call property mgmt). Then of course there’s the homeless issue — they are locked out of the entry now, but there’s still an issue with them sitting and sleeping on the front steps. dated in the hallways, elevator, “fitness center”, storage, and lobby. Lobby is slightly better but still worn. There’s an issue with people stealing delivery food and packages. So just beware. The price point is appealing for first time buyers or people on a limited budget but be aware of what you will be getting into.

    Overall Rating 1.4 out of 5
    Amenties 1 out of 5
    Location 2 out of 5
    Price 2 out of 5
    Management 1 out of 5
    Community 1 out of 5

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